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AVS Face masks



AVS (African Visual Synergy (Pty) Ltd) functions as a PPE supplier of unbeatably priced respirator/mask along with essential sanitisation products.  We believe that our original product, the Techron Respirator, is game changer when it comes to filtration of airborne particles. The unbeatable price and quality makes it possible for all South Africans to experience high quality protection. This is thanks to our innovative registered design that takes both quality and mass production into consideration.


Mission Statement

We focus on making quality, breathable and comfortable respirators at unbeatable prices. We want to make it possible for everyone to experience top quality protection when they need it.

Protection from COVID-19 infection

For sure protection against COVID-19 infection a respirator is required rather than a surgical mask or material mask because a respirator filters all inhaled air. The protection against splashes and droplets offered by surgical masks are insufficient for preventing a COVID-19 infection.

Unbeatable Price

One of our main concerns in the Techron Respirator design is to provide the cheapest respirator currently available. We aim to offer the sealed 

protection of a respirator at a price competitive with disposable surgical face masks.

Breathability and comfort

Breathability and comfort are highly important as adjusting face masks for comfort or relief results in disturbed protection. It is difficult to refrain from adjusting your mask if the mask is uncomfortable.

Quality Filtration

The filtration material used has a high particle filtration efficiency at 68% average of 0.1 to 0.3 μm particles [PFE]. This is one of the high level of protection against COVID-19 infection when it comes to face masks. When used alone or along with our simple eye protection visor, your chances of being infected with COVID-19 decreases significantly.